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Coin Challenges
Here are some of the coin challenges available (note that some have been going for a while and some are new):

Newberg GC58BTK
Estacada GC55J0Z
John Day GC56YFZ
Mt. Vernon Parks GC506Z9
Albany GC5829J
N. Clackamas GC57MFT
Battleground GC55WPY
Mukilteo Lighthouse GC58FMX

The best place to look for a coin challenge is on the Portland Geocaching Facebook page:

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Photo Contest
With the nicer weather, many of us will be exploring interesting and beautiful areas while we cache.

GEOregon is hosting a photo contest. Start snapping photos now. The contest ends at the September 12 meet and greet.

Here are the details:

  • Categories: best photo and funniest photo
  • Photos must be taken while caching but does not have to be of a cache
  • All photos must be taken from April (when we announced it) up to the September meeting - so please enter current photos not something taken years ago
  • You can use a regular camera or phone or even gps unit to snap your shot
  • You must have your photo entries printed out (preferably on photo paper)
  • Photos can be no smaller than 4x6 and no larger than 8x10
  • You can mount your photos on matte board (with mounting no larger than 11x17) but plesae no framed entries (to make it easier to have a larger collection on the table)
  • Please include the following information with each photo: your name and where the photo was taken
  • Photos must be brought to the September meeting and placed in the judging area by 7 pm
  • You can submit up to 2 photos per category (so 4 total for one person)
  • You must be a current GEOregon member to enter
  • Judging will be by popular vote of those present at the meeting - each person will have one vote for each category
  • Board members are allowed to vote but not to enter. And the Board shall determine the winner if there is a tie
  • Winners will be determined at the September meeting and asked to submit digital file to GEOregon to post on the website to announce the winners
  • Winners will be presented with a Ribbon and prize.
  • Awards will be given for 1, 2, and 3 place for each category
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The GEOregon 2014 "favorites" Cache Challenge
This is Ornith's Favorite Cache Challenge

Rule 1: this Contest is open to GEOregon members and GEOregon members only. Consider it one of your member benefits.

Rule 2: the Contest runs from January 17, 2014, to the next GEOregon club meeting after January 17, 2015. Only caches set between those dates are eligible for prizes.

Rule 3: since I (Ornith) like unknowns, multis, and letterboxes, this Contest is to prove how good those cache types can be. Only those cache types will be consider for awarding prizes.

Rule 4: there will be three prizes: $50, $30, $20. All prizes will be awarded based on the descending order of the number of favorites that a qualified unknown, multi, or letterbox-hybrid cache type receives in the contest time period. The most favorites win. If there is only one qualifying cache, that cache owner claims $100.

Rule 5: multiple entries by a cacher are permitted and solicited.

As last year's contest was based on the number of favorites that a cache receives, so shall this year's contest. The three caches that receive the most favorites during the contest period will be declared winners of the first, second, and third prizes.

"Qualified' means entered by a GEOregon member during the contest period.

If you have questions, please contact Ornith.

[Submitted by TiggerKate]
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Get Involved with YOUR club!
Geocachers Exploring Oregon is YOUR club and YOUR club needs YOU!

If you're interestied in volunteering from time to time, your time and assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Help attendees sign in and provide them with tickets to the raffle table.

Meet and Greet new geocachers and attendees.

Help sell raffle tickets at meetings.

Help sell merchandise.

Provide us with announcement information.

Help out with the annual picnic.

Help out with the annual Christmas party.

Help out with classes sponsered by GEO.

If you would like to help out, please let us know by sending us an e-mail to geoboard@georegon.com
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2014 GEO Board of Officers

Your 2014 GEO Board of Officers:

MsSkarlet (Dianna)

Vice President:
wearn3 (Walter)



Event Coordinators:
kcovey26 (Kathy)

Event Coordinators:
TiggerKate (Kristi)

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August 2014
Events this Month: 8




What type of gifting would you like to have at the 2014 Christmas Party?

Wrapped Presents for White Elephant gift exchange

Donations to local charity

Posted by MsSkarlet
Votes: 32
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